Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friday - I couldn't resist the pull....

...Tonight I found myself aching to get back to hot yoga...literally, ACHING! I couldn't face my normal Friday at the Buddhist centre, not with my knees and my right hip the way they're feeling. The only thing for it, a bit of hot yoga action to sooth my aching bones.

And I wasn't disappointed... What a great class. It was led by Ma (not Mi) which I was a little disappointed to hear when I got there but I was wrong to judge Ma on just one lesson, maybe he was having an 'off-day' when I last practiced with him... Anyway, we began with breathing exercises, some uddiyana bandha, some kapalabhati, all good. Then we began with the standing sequence and he gently led us through; a few vinyasas here a few there, but not crazy... Vinaysas do feel better in hot yoga than when doing them with no heat, somehow the heat gives me a little more fluidity, a bit more energy for vinyasas which I'm missing in my ashtanga practice. I was also stood right at the front in front of the wall of mirrors and right next to Ma too, bit self conscious to say the least! I don't like the mirrors by the way, they bring a sense of self awareness of the physical body into the room which I consider should be left at the door in a yoga practice. (Although because I was wearing just a sports bra, I kept catching glimpses of my tummy in the mirror and it was sticking out and kept reminding me to engage the bandhas, so maybe it's there for that purpose..but I still didn't like it!) :o)

The practice was just right, just what I needed tonight to sooth my aches, to break free of repetative posturing (if that's a word?!). I left with my hips feeling better, no pain in my knees and feeling relaxed and calm and glad that had I decided to break from the normal routine...

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