Saturday, 15 January 2011

"Beechwood Lawn Tennis Club = Cold...."

...This was the text I got during Thursday afternoon from D, obviously wanting to ditch ashtanga and get the most out of the £10 for 10 classes as Yoga Haven! I did laugh....he's such a bad influence...

However, I went to ashtanga... but moreover, I NEEDED some ashtanga. I needed to feel my body make its own heat, to use my own breath to keep me going and not to just keep me cool! Bloody hell, the room was coooollld though...brrrrrr..... But, in saying that, the old ujjayi soon kicked in and I might have even experienced a couple of beads of sweat across my top lip at some points in the practice!!! It was also good to see the old faces again, I've missed K over the Xmas period, especially her relentless energy.

It wasn't a practice of any major feats though, I'm finding the led classes generally aren't any more, it's the Mysore self-practice or my home practice where I make the most improvement and where I don't have to rush and can try out new things :o)

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