Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cannot wait for day 6, my 'rest day'...

Might have been overdoing it a bit of late, what with my normal classes with V, the classes at Yoga Haven, Fridays with J and then last weekend's Freestyle marathon with M... Knee hurts again and I'm sad to say it it's the pain in the back of it now too, not just the grinding sensation I have been getting... Bad news.

I was adamant due to the 5 days with no break from yoga that Monday would be a nice leisurely self-practice and after being drenched from M's torturous routines I would not sweat, not one bit! It didn't turn out like that though did it?..No.. I sweated my ass off which is unlike me on Monday and had a really strong, energetic practice.

It was a bit of a pain to go back to the 'normal' way of entering warrior 1, with the back foot flat and turned in 45-degrees as M had shown me another method where you're on the ball of your back foot and both knees facing the front of the mat; this was much better on my knee, easier to get into and easier to balance in too, overall, making it more powerful as I could drop deeper into the pose, opening the front hip. I'm going to keep practicing it like this at home, but obviously keep the traditional style for class.

My utkasanas are so much better now, I've been introduced to a new way of entering these too which makes it easier and a deeper pose; inhaling then exhaling bending to touch floor, then inhaling into Utka then exhaling into the forward bend. I could hardly bend my knees a few weeks ago in this posture, looking really pathetic, not sure why this works for me but it does!

My prasarita padd's haven't been very deep of late, not sure why, hips don't seem to want to open much in this pose, and I really have to breathe into the pose to get my head anywhere near the floor, let alone pressing it into the floor...I remember the days when I could.....:o( Utthita Hasta was good though, V talked me through pulling the hip back into the socket when holding the foot forward, which sounds awful and scary on the hips but really worked! Woo!

I can grab my wrist with my hand in front of my outstretched foot in most of my seated forward bends now, this has been developing over the past couple of weeks and feels nice - less jarring on that knee too.

Nearly forgot - very nearly grabbed the toe in trikonasana!!! OMG! What's happened here!!! Where did that come from?!

Kurmasana is quite good at the moment, I'm not having my legs at such a wide angle and it's better on my forward fold and my knees and my elbows as my legs are almost on top of my shoulders, must be a lot safer too. However, supta is still missing the bind :o( Wish my thighs would just piss off - I've lost 4 pounds this month why aren't you shrinking?!!! Grrr...

I've also noticed that being pro-active and almost adjusting myself in the konasana sequence is reaping the benefits, chest almost on floor in the forward bend, hips not so tight in seated (no pain in the left one) when I push down with my elbows although pressing down so hard makes my back curve so I keep getting adjusted in that one! Supta parsvasahita is getting better, outstretched leg less than a foot off the floor now, hips showing hints of opening finally!!! Yay!

Back bends done with almost no effort which was amazing... Still thanking the hot yoga for that little feat! No pains in the shoulders either *touches wood* and holding with scrupuluously straight arms!!!

So even though I thought I was in line for the knacker's yard, my body pulled something out of the bag! Good ol' bod (I'll try not to doubt you in future) :o)

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