Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ashtanga yoga and Raynaud's syndrome...

Almost died getting to Birmingham tonight for JC's Mysore class. Literally. Well OK, probably a slight exaggeration but my heater wasn't working in my car so it was a harsh 1hr drive over (and I forgot my gloves). I've been told that I've probably got Raynaud's Syndrome where due to the cold the ends of my fingers lose all feeling and go numb and white... However this time one even went purple by the time I got a look at it in the light! Poor D, he even had to hold my hand to try and warm it up whlst I was driving, not very safe but hey... Could've got gangrene..(that's what wikipedia says anyway..)

Due to the joke of a journey I wasn't looking forward to class. Not one bit. I sat on top of the radiator for 10 mins before we started and even then I kept my cardy and scarf on throughout the suryanamaskaras. The rolling over the toes was an absolute killer, not only was it affecting my hand but my big toes on both feet were numb and it was killing me!! I had to admit to taking a breather and just holding the toes with my then warm hands for a good 15 breaths before being able to carrying on...:o(

I rushed through the entire sequence trying to create warmth through a strong breath but less time in poses. By the end I was knackered. I had some personal triumphs despite the ill health which was a bit surprising! I got the lowest I have even got my chest to the floor in Konasana forward bend, I rocked up without falling back, my backbends felt great, not pain in the left shoulder, I even held all my inversions longer than normal as I had so much time. I managed 30 breathes in sirsanana and held for 4 breaths with legs half way down without a problem! What had all the signs of being an awful experience ended up not so bad! Hoorah, yoga prevails!

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