Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Monday, bloody Monday...

(Don't you just love Alan Partridge?!)

Anyway... I had a lovely weekend following my Friday yoga class which set me up just right. I did NO YOGA all weekend as was very pleased with myself. Isn't it funny how one minute I can be beating myself up about not practicing and then then next beating myself up about practicing too much?! I just finished reading The Kite Runner (left me feeling devastated) and then tried to forget about that and relax for the rest of it.

I felt a little cold so wrapped up warm for yoga with a t-shirt instead of a vest and a long pair of leggings and a pair of trackies over the top. But I was soon very warm and it worked in my favour! I had a great practice which flowed softly through. My wide legged forward bends seem to have left me recently, my head hardly reaching the floor. It's funny how these have gone whilst the back bends have come? I wonder whether the relaxing of the lower back in order for the good backbend has the opposite effect on the psoas or whatever other muscles I use in the forward bends? I realy need to brush up on the old physiology. Can't wait to start my BWY training with P at the weekend, we're starting with A&P which should really help me, then I will be able to explain why one needs to do a posture in such a way; understanding the science behind the postures. I was put onto http://www.bandhayoga.com/, the newsletter of which has some really useful tips on the mechanics of stretching and posture work... it's a bit beyond me at the moment but once I sit down and start practicing what I'm reading it should work for me!  

I had a lovely twist in Mari C today, isn't it funny how I used to dread that posture and couldn't breathe in it, now I can't wait for it! The practice was one of those you don't think would be much but ended up being great. I love those days. I was very relaxed afterwards and for the first time in ages felt energised afterwards and not just like I wanted to sleep. I went to bed at gone 11pm and slept straight through, happy days :o)

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