Sunday, 23 January 2011

as if yesterday's class wasn't enough...

...I decided "wouldn't be a good idea to do M's Freestyle Yoga Project workshop today!"

I should have known how hard it was going to be from having awoken this morning and not being able to lift my legs out of bed! Seriously! No wonder my physio had me doing glute strengthening excercises, they're almost not existent! I don't think they've ever had such a work out in their lives!!! However, I battled through and whilst a couple of postures weren't so accessible, this was mainly due to knee issues i.e balancing on the knee.

It was a killer but shows how much control I need to exercise over my body if I ever want to be able to go up into handstand for instance and how much bandha control I need (I thought my bandhas were pretty good...maybe not). We did some  really nice vinyasa krama sequences, my favourite were the low arm balances, especially something along the lines of galavasana, koudinyasana  A & B, and something which felt so nice as it opened up my chest and never thought I'd ever be able to do, Viparita Dandasana (I think) (like a headstand backbend). We even did those squatting hasta pada's that Grimmly mentioned in a previous post of mine, killers and a bit harsh on the old knees, but a reminder to focus on entering and exiting the postures and being aware of the joints.

The last 2 days has been a real eye opener, I will definately have to get Matthew Sweeney's and Ramaswami's books on Vinyasa Krama and give it a go at home. I'm sooo tired now, I think I'm gonna have to leave this post and go lie down for a bit :o)

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