Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday's Sauna....

Day 4 of the hot yoga challenge!!! This now means that my physical excercise this week (Sat to Sat) has been no less than 2 full primary ashtanga classes, 4 Hot yoga classes, 1 teaching class and 1 tri-class (step aerobics)! No wonder I've lost a total of 4 pounds this past week! It feels good though. "I" feel good. There's definately something in keeping physically busy, I haven't slept so well in ages; 9:30 bed times completely out of the window this week and yet I've been completely alive and on the ball!!

I should've known last night when D suggested we get another hot yoga class in before the 10 days runs out that this was craziness! I lay in bed this morning thinking 'this is my only completely relaxing day - what am I doing?!' However, I was at the station by 9am ready for the craziness! I stayed right by the door today!! Following Wed's almost passing out scenario I just couldn't risk it! I mean, where's the fun in doing yoga if all your thinking about is trying not to pass out? But again, I felt the same right in the same place in the sequence, straight after standing!! I had to have a little savasana, which luckily flowed right into the lying on the back sequence, which, funnily enough, I REALLY ENJOY!!!! lol

Mind you, I was quite focussed today and I actually watched the sweat drip from the end of my nose and my chin onto the mat, which is, although I hate to admit it, quite satisfying!! Like the washing of my drenched yoga attire is quite satisfying!!!

I was just reading The Reluctant Ashtangi's blog and it's so funny, because she has hit the nail on the head about Bikram/hot yoga classes... No-one seems to care. You don't get adjusted. You sweat and pass out and feel ill and no-one comes up to you to ask if you're OK! You are invisible as she says! You turn up, you find the coolest spot (if you're like me) and then you try and get through the practice without collapsing in a heap! The only difference with my teacher seems to be that M thanks all of his students for their energy, for their courage and committment in such hot circumstances! And it kinda makes it all worth while, knowing that (even if it is complete pretence) M actually wants to thank us for turning up....!

I like Yoga Haven. I like the welcome desk, I like the fact that the teachers sit there most of the time to welcome you in, that they're there afterwards to chat. That the people in the queue for the (1) shower talk to you. It makes a change to the ashtanga classes which apart from my friends (the other yoga teacher trainees) no one really talks to you. They just turn up and sit like they're in a doctor's surgery (as V described it the other night)! I like the sense of community at Yoga Haven, I like the burlesque style changing rooms and the way all the teachers turn up for each others classes, so as to show their support for each other! I like the shoe-free zone, the pictures on the walls, the free bumper stickers, I like the little kitchen area and the 1 loo, I like having to hang on for dear life as I commence down the spiral staircase after class!!! Once the 10 days is up these are the things I'll miss...

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