Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday's moving meditation...

...well I can dream it was like that. My mind was all over the place tonight at the Mysore class. In fact it wasn't Mysore style, it was a led class this week which was a bit disappointing but nevermind.

I think I am still radiating heat from my core from yesterday's hot yoga class! Seriously, I've been hot all day. Even with frost outside I'm all pink and rosy-cheeked!! My mat was still wet from my own sweat from yesterday though, eurgh.... must wash that....

I had quite a lot of energy tonight which surprised me after yesterday's session. My chaturangas are really strong now, and the more I do them properly the more the strength grows. I wish that could be said about the backbends.... I'm told by V to feel the burn in the thighs, but I just don't feel it! Unless you feel the burn I don't think you can come up to stand from dhanurasana...maybe i'll never feel the burn....:o( I can only think there must be something not working right, some muscle not engaging in my backbends. Like why can I still not achieve a decent purvottanasana?! I sink in the middle, and at both ends! It's ridiculous and I'm embarrassed about that posture....I want to hide it away!

My forward bends are coming on strong though which is great. I can bury my head in paschi C now, although it takes me the 10 breaths in A & B to lengthen enough to achieve this!!

My twists were good today also. V assisted me in revolved triangle, which I think is the first assist I have had from him since I can put my hand outside the opposite foot, so I was able to gain the full twist and looking up to the ceiling, which felt lovely.

Remembering the 'preparation is key', my seated twists were great too, lots of length in the spine and still bound well despite the extra inches on the thighs...

I lifted with the assistance of V from headstand and looked up towards my belly. I like assists like this, it take my mind off being crap at backbends!

I have been trying a few of the padmasanas of late, as my knees appear to be getting better, trying to stretch out my ankle and side of the calf. However, lying in savasana today I had a horrible sharp pain in my left knee, so I won't be trying that again any time soon :o(

To aid 'operation colonic cleanse' I purchased some aloe vera juice today, on special offer at H&B. Unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of it when I got into the shop and had to describe it as 'a drink made out of a plant thing'....however, somehow the shop assistant knew what I was on about! Funny!

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