Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sun Power Action

Keeping with the spirit of developing a more holistic approach to my yoga studies I took myself off to a Sun Power yoga class. Unfortunately, the setting's a bit questionable, the late comers having to go to the back of the room on the quite thick-piled carpet which did nothing for my balance!

I liked this class because whilst being quite dynamic and flowing it retains the feel of a beginners' class with that 'come on and have a go' ethos, which leaves it open to both absolute beginners and the improvers. However, it's not ashtanga and whilst you do a nice warm up of a variety of sun salutes, similar to the ashtanga style the sequence of postures does differ week to week and M did like her one legged balances, especially Virab 3 and different variations of utthita parsvakonasana whihcv because I'm not used to them killed me! You'd think I'd be getting used to them having been with MF all weekend punishing us with extended standing sequences!! But no.... my butt hurts now...

I liked the opening with the 3 rounds of kapalabhati and khumbaka (breath retention) and then alternative nostril breathing, which I don't get to practice anywhere else in town. I also like the 'freestyle' inversions section at the end where you can just get on with whatever level of inversions you like to do. I did a long headstand and the held legs parallel to floor for 7 breaths - my best yet - and get this, I held my bandhas and even took my legs back up towards the ceiling! I must admit that there was a dodgy minute where I thought I was going to fall (I blame the carpet) but I managed to pull it back - booya!

But the best bit about this class is being given a soft blanket to lie under in savasana at the end... now you don't get that at ashtanga!! :o)

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