Monday, 10 January 2011

Friday Mysore and colonic irrigation...

...but not at the same time!!!!

I feel a little uneasy about this post, but have come to the conclusion that I want to tell the world how great colonic irrigation is!!! So I had my first "colonic cleanse" last week and whilst at the time of the cleanse, all you want is to have it over and done with, afterwards you feel AMAZING! I can honestly say that it has "changed my life", and for the better! My skin is glowing and my digestion is better than ever. I look a lot less tired (don't need as much make up!) I don't have the bloating after food like I was and I'm able to eat food that I previously couldn't eat due to its horrible effects on me!!! Yay!!!! It's done so much good for me that I have booked in for the 3 sessions 'healthy kick start'! Anyway, enough about that....

I took my yogi friend D with me to the Buddhist Centre for JC's class tonight, I think he liked it and found Jc's tips helpful. Unfortunately we didn't get much assists as there was a newbie in the room, so they obviously get more attention for the first few weeks. However, I had help with my Mari sequence, my C's aren;t that great at the moment, but having read Grimmly's recent post 'it's all in the preparation' I know what he means. J made sure my warpping arm was securely in place before binding with the other and doing it this way ensures that the spine is kept nice and straight. It makes such a difference.

Unfortunately the colonic cleanse did not assist me in losing my "christmas weight"....! My supta K was appalling, it was either bind and uncross ankles or cross ankles with no bind - thighs are too big and are just getting in the way. But it's OK cos I'm back to the gym now too, so should be able to work off the excess flab at my step class in no time at all!

Headstand is obviously getting straighter as no comment from JC tonight!! Yay!


  1. Great, glad you shared, I am really looking forward to trying one too! Did it hurt?

  2. Hi Claudia, you MUST try it! No, it didn't hurt at all. If you suffer from excess gas then it can be a bit uncomfortable as that moves out, and also upon the 'release' it can be like you have the cramps associated with diaorrhea (can never spell that right!) but as soon as it's over they're over! Let me know how you get on!!