Monday, 10 January 2011

Hot Sunday!

As a bit of a variation (and because I'm curious) I decided to try out some hot yoga action at Yoga Haven in Birmingham.

It didn't feel that hot when I first entered the room, but as the class got started the room got hotter and hotter (apparently they work at 40 degrees C)! I really thought I wouldn't be able to cope as I had problems when I practiced in India in lesser degrees, however, I maintained a long ujjayi breath throughout which was my saving grace...

The routine was really nice. The teacher was fantastic and I loved his "yoga teacher voice", full of enthusiasm and drama! I really have to start thinking how my "yoga teacher voice" is going to be, not quite sure I will be able to pull off the over-enthusiastic, dramatic, analogous dialogue quite so well as M did!!!

The time did seem to stand still for the most part though..there were clear sections of the whole sequence; warm up, standing sequence, lunges, backbends, vinyasa sequence etc, however, I thought that after each set we would be finished, but to no avail... I was dripping with sweat and at the end physically panting like a downward dog, not a victorious warrior!!

I did feel as if some of the postures were easier in that heat. The body definately was up for doing more activity and it did seem to "ignite the fire within" (can't remember where I heard that one from - poss RF!) and keep me going throughout. All in all, it was a positive experience. I wouldn't say I could fully focus on the yoga part of things, and it did seem more like a workout, but nevertheless I enjoyed it, and dare say I would love to go again....even if it is only for a good workout and possibility of losing a few pounds :o)

It's a pity it's so far away... I have a 10 class pass for the bargain price of £10, but it needs to be used within a set amount of time. I think I need more days in my week for all the yoga I want to do! I really would've liked to have done the 10 day challenge! Just think - 3 colonics and 10 days of hot yoga - I don't think I couldn't be more cleansed!!!

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