Saturday, 29 January 2011

Possibly the worst Thursday practice so far...

Got a lift to practice today with D in a big red shiney sports car! On the way in, both not really feeling the ashtanga energy, he gave me the option of bailing in favour of the cinema, I graciously declined...

Anyway, in fear of sounding a little extreme, I was just completely lacking energy, enthusiasm and whilst I was present in body I was not present in mind! So, suffice to say the practice was no great shakes. To make things worse I probably shouldn't have gone anyway as I've definately been overdoing it this month. Looking back at January's stats I've practiced on average every other day! Which is quite an increase in my book. My knees are suffering as a result of it and I'm gutted as I've been discharged from physio having made great progress and almost no pain left... now look at me... grating knees, aching hips, popping ankles, sacro-iliac joints and hips. My bones sound like a bowl of rice crispies!

I made it through, more or less, without any major modifications or complete misses and left feeling a little more energetic than when I went in. At least that's something. To celebrate, D and I decided to go to the cinema after all... who said you can't have a little apres yoga?! ;o)

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