Thursday, 13 January 2011

Operation colon cleanse, Day 2...

I probably shouldn't have done this, but I went for my 2nd colonic today and THEN went on to do my 2nd hot yoga class. In fear of dying from dehydration I drank a large amount of water before, during and after, I didn't want to risk collapsing at yoga!

The class was an "express" class which took just an hour, but Dear God, sooo glad it was an hour today especially after practicing full primary Fri, 1.5hr Hot yoga Sunday and Mysore Monday.... Some might say I'm over doing it, but I this is January after all and we all go a little crazy, don't we;? trying to burn off those excess calories and winter warming flab!

I enjoyed the class today, sweated like crazy though... I think I'm one of those naturally sweaty people and I seemed to be sweating more than the girls next to me...but was i putting more into it than them? Or was it the strong ujjayi breath? Not sure.... What I can say about this hot yoga class is that ujjayi breathing gets you through it, and it's amazing that they don't put much focus on the ujjayi breath in this class, even though I feel that if I didn't use this method of pranayama I would die...! It actually feels as if you cannot concentrate on the yogic aspect of the postures with it being so hot, all you try to do is get through it without collasping, which for me, kinda makes it just a bit of a workout, although I can see how people could get addicted to it :o) (Yes, and I'll probably go tomorrow as well... I need to get my money out of the "£10, 10 class, 10 day" card after all!!!)

Oh, suffice to say that I didn't die from having the colonic and then the yoga class. But I wouldn't recommend it, as you are meant to completely relax after "colonic interference" as it were... as I was told by the professional :o)

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