Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wednesday madness!

I think the heat from the hot yoga is getting to me.....

I decided to do my step aerobics class at 5:30 today then get on the next train to Birmingham for another hot yoga session (1.5 hr). Oh dear....... My sister warned me after the step that I should be careful about not drowning myself by drinking too much water, that with all this colonic and hot yoga I'm dehydrtaing my cells then replacing the nutrients with water only, which could actually drown the cells, through the process of "osmosis", which I actually understood as it's probably the only thing I remember from science at school! Anyway, to allay her fears (and my own) she kindly bought me an isotonic drink to take to yoga :o)

Probably lucky she did as I almost collapsed in class, just after the lunging sequence and before the balancing sequence! Everything went a bit dark, and quiet, but managed to sit down and then lie down in savasana without completely passing out. Luckily I wasn't the only one, the class was busy and people were dropping like flies... I spoke to the teacher after who said that it was VERY hot, more than usual and that he must work on knowing when it's getting too much for people and to let people chill in savasana for a while. I do like the teacher M, he's kind and cares about the class and improving his own teaching!

I don't know whether the increase in ability to stretch further in hot yoga comes with more practice in the heat, but I don't feel any difference in my postures, or the ease of entering etc. However, I think the best thing I like about hot yoga is the fact I sweat... and it makes me feel good, that i've worked and that I'm detoxed throughout! I cannot meditate in this class, I cannot concentrate on the breath when it gets too full on, therefore it's a far cry from Mysore, which seems more about 'you' (the purusa) than 'you' the (prakrti).... Have I got that the right way round?!!! ;o)

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