Saturday, 22 January 2011

Warrior or ocean breeze?

The temperature has dropped again so Beechwood was a little chilly.. 'I' was a little chilly, My yoga mat was even worse! Had to warm it up on the radiator in class before we started, I don't care what people think!!

Not only was the heat not in the room, it wasn't created on the mat either. I was all creaky and stiff and felt like I didn't want to be there, much.... Still feeling the effects of whatever came over me at the weekend I think. I gave it a good bash though considering. Missed out one vinyasa between sides? That's not TOO bad is it? Not for a poorly person?!!

In fact I think I've relaxed on my breathing a little of late. As I've mentioned in previous posts I don't hardly sweat at all in class anymore, not at home, not even a bead on my top lip! I used to, I used to sweat like a monkey!!! (I don't know if monkeys sweat but it's the best similie I could come up with without swearing..;) I've heard my friends in class recently been told to calm down their breath so it is not so audible, so strained (but to keep the enthusiasm!); maybe I've unconsciously taken this on... Or maybe I'm now on a plane where I don't need to consciously and audiably breathe? I'm not really sure. Sometimes in some postures my breath becomes more audible, more strong, notably in the standing balancing postures, but I kinda just let it flow... But this brings me to the question; do I have to breathe like a warrior or an ocean breeze? How do I know when my ujjayi breathing doesn't have to be so 'ujjayi'?!

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