Saturday, 6 November 2010

Wednesday and Thursday for a bit of a change...

This week I have practiced Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (so far)

Tuesday I went to the gym and buggered my knees up by cycling for too long, cross training and doing the plank. I have to stop doing these things! I may cancel my subscription to remind me not to go....

On Wed I did my teaching practice at Cov Uni, a room of 30 students! I enjoyed it though, people listened and appeared responsive to suggestions and instructions which is good. I then went home and straight onto my mat for self-practice. I had all the intentions of doing the full primary, but it didn't work out that way, as it sometimes doesn't... ;o) I ended up doing the Ashtanga Primer variation, which to be fair only leaves a handful of postures and jump-backs out, so I didn't beat myself up about it. Some yoga is better than no yoga!!!

Thursday I went to my physiotherapy assessment in the morning where the nice man told me I had 'Anterior Knee Pain'. Helloooo?!! I could've told you that! No diagnosis still but he did say that the structure was OK - ie no breakdown of cartlidge, ligaments fine, muscles fine (albeit a bit weak at the quad) a bit of a small knee cap? Bizarre! And sore tendons at the front. Hopefully next week I can get some type of treatment for the pain, bit of accupuncture maybe?

I had the Ashtanga Primer class in the evening. Nothing major to report here really...did all the jump backs bar one after Mari B as that intense stretch seems to suck out any ounce of breath and energy me!! NOw I am building up the strength lost during the 2 months off, I think I need to work on the jump backs. I will have a look at Grimmley's blog to see how to start with that... Sirsasana is becoming really steady now. I can hold for 25 breaths easily every time. I'm thinking about pulling the shoulderblades down my back to straighten that out and broaden my shoulders. Seems to be working so far! Yay! Ooh, AND, I came down with straight legs and held them parallel to floor for the longest time yet!!! (About 5 breaths!) Get in!

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