Sunday, 28 November 2010

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I'm feeling guilty as I haven't managed to catch up with writing my blog for a whole week! I know.... Anyway, I'm here NOW and whilst I should probably be practicing yoga I need to just write about it a bit..!

Out of the blue it seems, I'm now practicing 3 full primary series per week! OK, they're all under the guidance of a teacher but at least they're being done! My home practice therefore, is mainly the DYP or AYP sequences, which is great as I can fit them in easier to my schedule of (at the moment it seems) mainly work and sleep!!

I've been mainly working on my jump backs and jump throughs this past 2 weeks. I'm thinking about doing the movements more now, being aware of how I'm doing them as opposed to just messily flinging my legs back and jumping to a thud on the floor. They're not as slow as I need them to be to perfect them but this will come with more awareness and control and arm strength and courage (believing I'm not going to break my wrists or fingers by leaning forward!) I noticed on Thusrady that if I widen my arms a little more when jumping through to sit that I can almost get both legs through...what a simple thing...why didn't I try that before?!! lol

On Friday J got me to try my backbend with the chair method.. Basically lie with your calfs and feet on the seat of a chair, back on the floor and then lift so your feet are on the chair.. It accesses a completely different part of your spine (upper thorasic?!) and opens your shoulders too, I loved it, much nicer than the the horrible normal backbends which, to be honest, I completely hate doing...!!

On the knee front, they're getting much better.. Not sure whether it is the physio I'm doing? Possibly.. it's definately helped with getting over the fear of standing in my natural hyperextended way. Anyhow, much less pain behind the knee. This week they've been so good that I've actually managed full forward bends without bending my legs! I haven't been able to do that for 5 months now! Talking of forward bends. Seated ones.. What is it about a teacher just applying pressure to your upper thighs that makes it easier to bend forward more deeply? J did this to me on Friday. I feel as if by doing that it relaxes the muscles which are stopping me from folding, it's very strange but works.

The biggest thing this week which is really helping with folding though is I've managed to conquer 'hollowing out' my lower belly. V has started using this instruction in class and it really makes sense. It's a bit like doing nauli kriya, accessing both moola and uddi at the same time, it really allows your belly to reach your thighs. Great tip!!  

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