Monday, 29 November 2010

Mysore Monday

Today's practice felt as if it was really building on Friday's. The jumping through to sits has improved ten-fold, today I got my legs through crossed just skimming the bum on the floor as they went through. I'm definately getting there :o) And it feels good!

I got my chest right onto my thigh in Janu A with some assistance from V, although my knees was not on the floor, I don't care cos I don't want to ruin it! It'll come with time and hea1 ling.. I've started trying Janu C on the recommendation of J, which I must say I hate, what's the point of it? To bugger up your knees? Ankles maybe? Toes too? Someone please tell me ;o) It just hurts!!!

Purvottanasana was appalling...enough said.

Loads of progress and a simple tip from V telling me to tilt the pelvis forward first in the upavista konasana, got my chest to the floor for the first time ever! Was a bit tough on my right knee but I'm putting that down to my physio poking and prodding it this afternoon!! Hopefully one day I wioll be able to pull myslef to the floor and hold myself there!

Back bends were good. RF's tips in bringing the feet closer to the hands is definately a winner. Still need to do the warm up BBs though, can't risk going straight up, I wouldn't be able to lie straight for a week!!

Supta bandasana is getting stronger. Legs almost straight with little tension in the butt cheeks. Still have to keep hands on the floor as I don't have confience in my neck just yet, but this will come with time.

Head stand was good, didn't feel as if I was arching my back as much today, I think I did it by keeping my legs a little more forward which seemed to straighten out my back..not that I could see it or anything, but it felt better anyway... V had me push out, head off the floor today which I found easy, balancing there once up is a different matter all together though ;o)

In terms of remembering the sequence....I managed it all (except ardha baddha padmottanasana) but don't tell the teacher!

(That one ruins my knees anyway ;o)

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