Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday the 17th..

I couldn't wait to get on my mat when I got home today! I haven't practiced since last Thursday at V's, so I desperately needed it.. Despite feeling a little larger these past weeks I felt quite light today, managing the jump backs without making too much noise on the floorboards and lifting bottom off the floor with relative ease! I also had quite a lot of energy, even though I've been walking to and from work these past few days due to my car being a bit broke...

SO what went well today? My shoulderstand was really good, poker straight as far as I could feel and really got my hands down the back, with no slippage either, result! Can't bear looking at my stomach in the shoulderstand sequence though, does anyone else get that?!!! Just wish it was a bit firmer!!!

Backbending, not one of my strengths, is getting better with a new technique V taught me (courtesy of RF).. Put hands in place and come on to tip toes, then without lifting off the floor, shove yourself so knees go past the ankles, then on an in breath I think, thrust up, still with toes on floor until you get up then put heels to floor. It gives you more of a 'bend', quite tough on the lower back/sacral area, but much better on the arms and you can feel your quads working better too.

Purvottanasana much better too, again courtesy of RF (through V) where before you thrust hips up your bend the knees slightly and put you toes in place on the floor, then you lift your hips...Normally I can't feel which muscles I'm meant to use in this posture but this seems to make it easier, even though I still don't feel as if I know what I'm doing! Ha!

Sirsasana definately getting better, so close to going up straight, just need that little bit more energy.. Held for 5 breaths with legs parallel to floor, very pleased.

Spent a few breaths longer in paschis and konasanas today, try to try give the hips a bit more of a move in the right direction. Although the standing forward bends are relatively good, head touching the floor and so forth, gravity doesn't seem to want to bring my belly anywhere near the floor in the uphavistha konasas...

I left out Janu C and Mari B & C as with my knees I just don't think I'm getting any benefit from putting the simplified version in... anyone disagree?!

I did miss out supta parsvasahita though!!! Aargh!!!  But apart from that I'm nearly there with learning the full sequence! Why is it always that one I miss?! Strange!

Knees feel fine too, let's hope they don't hurt tomorrow for practice...

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