Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Monday 8th November

I left this Mysore class exhilarated, yet another reminder of why I do this practice! I slowed my breath down and enjoyed it (led classes certainly are faster!) and I think the entire sequence took about 1hr 45. Had a lovely stretch in urdhva dhanurasana thanks to V and another student :o) Was very hot and sweaty which always makes it better, another reminder of how important the generation of heat is to the body and the practice.

Very excited as V banded the idea around about making this class the traditional Mysore style practice, comlpete with opening chant! You know I love this, whether or not I find the words a bit strange (the english not the sanskrit), I don't think it matters to me. Chanting in a room with a number of other people is magical. I know the first time I did the chant in Goa with David Swenson I felt a bit wierd, but I soon realised how chanting seems to combine the energy in the room in to one huge energy force and it is very powerful. I hope the others agree to making it part of Monday nights... exciting!

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