Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday and stepping it up at class..

Today V decided to step it up at the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primer Class by making it into a full primary series talk through. Loved it as I was completely not expecting it and so really went for it. The one thing which I really felt improved today'll never believe it... Navasana! I know...

I know it sounds silly but I have found that if you raise your arms a bit higher, past the parallel to the floor level, it pulls your chest forward and up and as a result the muscles at the top of your legs contract to hold you in position and allow your legs to straighten, albeit with a little extra effort from the quads! Result! Be your own teacher and your own disciple (Krishnamurti)....

I wish I'd asked the regulars to this class how they felt afterwards, having done the full primary series, as I doubt most of them have ever attempted it (not that there are many opportunities to practice FP in Cov), I hope they felt ecstatic!

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