Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday Mysore Style

Spent an hour of quarter getting to class tonight in the Friday night rush hour traffic in Birmingham! Nevertheless, yoga is ALWAYS worth it!!

Tonight I worked on my jump backs and jump to sits. I made a massive progress I think, just from a few tips and another demonstration from J where he held me under the belly and on top of my shoulders and held me in the air during my jump back so I could feel what's going on. I definately just need to practice... I remember dying to be able to do chaturanga and practicing it and practicing it for hours and days and after about 3 weeks I finally got it, something 'clicked' in my triceps which let me hold my body off the floor! It really doesn't take long for your body to learn how to do something... it just needs perserverance, I truly believe that. And chakrasana, I remember being able to do a backwards roll when I was young at gymnastics, but now I am over 30 found my self too scared to roll over the back of my neck in fear of breaking it I guess...but a couple of hours across a couple of days was all it took and I was flying over the back of my head and landing David Swenson style (more or less!) legs straight and everything! Practice and all is coming (KPJ).

J got me to stop and not not let my bum come down in my jump through, and then to shuffle the feet through the arms and then sit. Seems to work! How simple! NO more lift then sits either before jump backs, just cross legs, pull to belly, hands in front and swing legs back...all in one swift movement! The 'swift movement' needs a little work though ;o)

My baddha konasana is so easy with the assist off J, I need to se if I can recreate what he does on my own, as BK is apparently one of the 'key' postures, according to someone....! The other konasanas are getting better too, but again, need assists to push me in the right direction. I have muscles clinging for their lives not wanting me to do these postures!!! Sorry muscles, you've got no chance!!! lol

I've even learnt off my heart the first 4 lines of the opening mantra! The other lines are a bit more difficult, but again, a bit of practice... :o)

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