Saturday, 6 November 2010

Friday night at the Buddhist Centre, Birmingham

I met a wonderful, wonderful man tonight. One of those spirits that you do not come across very often, who radiates warmth and love and light. One of those people you are instantly drawn to. And so much knowledge. (Comes from and Iyegna background).

I loved it all the minute I walked into the room where he was burning my favourite incense of all time, Frankinscense, which reminds me of going to church as a kid and is sooo comforting. We then started off with the Ashtanga chant, which I love! It really does set the scene for the practice. I MUST incorporate this into my practice. (Note to self: Must learn chant) lol!

It was Mysore style self practice and the first thing he asked was about any injuries. He then helped me to adpat my practice throughout, where he thought I may be putting stress on the hurty bits. He asked which bits of the practice we wanted to work on and I didn't really know how to anser that as I wanted to say 'all of it' but I felt like a bit greedy thinking that! I was like a kid in a sweet shop as there were only 5 of us in the room and we were getting lots of attention, it was like a mini-workshop! He helped K and I with our jump backs, just a hand on the belly and one on the upper back...and we floated back through the air! (Well, possibly not without the odd yelp! from me whilst in the air, and possibly not as 'light' as I had hoped!)

Anyhow... I got the feeling of how it should be jumping back and it felt good. He did the famous Mari C adjustment, which felt effortless! I could breathe tooo - yaaay! He also showed me I was grabbing my arm too low in Mari A & B, so I raised it up a bit and Bob's your uncle, a full wrist grab, perfect!

My shoulderstand felt fantastic, really high up this time, I think sweat and heat has a lot to do with how high I can hold up - the heat helps with traction on the hands and back. Must stay warmer! J put his finger beneath my neck to check for space - it slipped right through! I mouse definately could've been nesting there! Nice to know I am doing this one correctly with next off the floor.

Sirsasana - J advised something he'd learnt from a previous workshop with RF - to use your little fingers out as a mini stabilaiser for your headstand. I tried this, and although not completely feeling the love for it, I had the best headstand I'd had for ages. I floated up (knees still a bit bent though) and everthing felt effortless. I could feel the little fingers, but they didn't hurt or anything. I do have a bit of a backbend in the headstand which J corrected and it felt good. Held for 25 breaths, down to horizontal for 3 only today, but better than nothing, and then down. Ut Plutithi was good, strength in my arms is growing, so held off the ground (give or take a little toe) for 25 longish breaths! I wish I could do it properly in the lotus...maybe one day when knees are better :o)

All in all, wonderful practice, helped by an inspirational man. Loved it!

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