Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday Mysore 28th Feb

Thought I'd be extra stiff after the last three days but luckily I wasn't, managed some really nice forward bends too, must've been the hot bath. I have had minimal pain the right hamstring too, and hip for that matter. I think I've mastered the hip problem though, I think I had my leg folded wrong in the Maris so I'm now placing the foot a little wider than I have been and it's not squashing my tendon or psoas or whatever it is that was hurting.

I also did some nice backbends a nice shoulderstand sequence, really getting high on my shoulders now but pushing them into the floor and a headstand with legs parallel then bringing them back up before taking them back down. Still working on taking them up straight though, maybe I need to change the angle of my head to curve my spine the other way in order to do this, I'm thinking it's not so much about core strength than technique? Need to do some more home practice, this has been missing somewhat recently, what with all the other classes I'm doing!

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