Sunday, 6 February 2011

My yoga haven...

As part of our 'yoga tourism' I was going to try a bit of Iyenga yoga tonight as we found a class at the Buddhist Centre, but instead, D & I ended up finding ourselves drawn back to our little hot haven in Birmingham! I'm really stiff lately so I was glad to have some heat to give me a good, warm stretch and a hard workout (teacher was Mi) at the same time. It even gave me time to go to my tri-class before hand, just to be a bit more crazy :oS!

I managed to get through quite a bit this time without feeling dodgy, found it took until the backbends to start feeling light headed. Maybe my body is starting to be able to regulate it's core heat better now...

The relaxation was great too, Mi has such a nice way of guiding us through, this time we were the sand in the desert, I wonder what we'll be next time?!

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