Thursday, 24 February 2011

A few little notes...

I've been a bit lazy with my blog this week, just realised I haven't posted since the 15th... Hate being lazy!

But I have been practicing. I didn't do my normal Wednesday hot class last week due to a prior "Come Dine With Me" committment, which meant a lot of food! Great food though :) I practiced at home on Thursday as I was tired and wanted an early practice so I could chill out before bed. So by Friday I was eager for a good practice and decided that as I had missed hot this week I needed some and ventured over to the Haven for a hot class with a new teacher T.

T normally teaches Ashtanga and so was a little disjointed with the talk-through, but despite his little anomalies he was a very sweet and attentive teacher and his little mistakes made him all the more adorable! Unfortunately, the lovely class and feeling following was disturbed when I came back to my car which some fool had broken into and tried to hot-wire...just what you need when damp and tired on a Friday night at 9:30pm. It was quite a test actually, as previously I think I would've freaked out, cried and had a tantrum of sorts, but now I can deal with these little issues that life throws at us without losing the plot, or my mind. :)

I had a great weekend and my first pole dancing class, would you believe, which was really good fun, scary but fun! I learnt some basic moves and a little sequence and even ventured into some inversions, although my thighs weren't strong enough to hang on for very long without hands! However, it did put my Monday self practice completely out of the window as I literally couldn't lift my arms away from my body!

ARms still weren't right Tuesday, but I managed to do a complete DYP series with my sister, me teaching. It was the best teaching practice yet. I was really happy with my talk through, even if I do say so myself! It was more fluent and flowing and I literally only got a couple of lefts and rights wrong in the standing sequence. I wasn't even doing it myself which makes it harder, just kinda imagining me doing it and it worked! Afterwards I actually thought, "man, I can do this shit", I sounded good, like I knew what I was talking about and even mixed it up a bit drawing upon my teachings from V, PF, hot yoga, and even my weekly updates from It all came together. I liked it, a lot, and to make it so much better my sister had been practicing at home. She hadn't told me but I could tell straight away and it was great to see. :)

I went to hot yoga Wednesday, another new teacher C. It was a proper flow class too, with a jump back/through after more often than not, each asana. Bloody hell, it was hard, but each jump back and through felt so much easier?! What's all that about? I jumped my feet through in line with my hands, they don't do that in my normal ashtanga class! In fact that's the first time it's happened - result!

I haven't been able to get prasarita p sequence for weeks now. My little right hip issue is making sure of that. My head is at least a foot off the ground! (See previous posts). My body used to be so good at these! lol (See how I detached "I" from my body Not that bothered though, just went with it, did a nice sequence with a lunge and bind a balance and a lunge again, made up for it, loved it.

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