Sunday, 6 February 2011

Easy like Sunday

I really needed some yoga today, as I have had to have a break since Wednesday due to my knees not behaving themselves (I think I overdid it with tri-class (they were swollen after that class) and what with hotyoga straight after).... So today after a lovely relxing day with my family I came back home and got straight on the mat. I even started with the intention of the full primary series, but didn't have too much energy and didn't want to jeopardise tomorrow's practice, so I left it at Navasana and went into finishing. I had a twinge in my left shoulder in backbend, :o( I was no where near the floor in Prasarita P, and Utthita Hasta was done with a very bent leg! What's happened to me?!!!

The best bit was the padmasana sequence at the end, I had a nice little meditation and then was almost asleep in savasana, which I haven't done for ages! I'm looking forward to my full mysore style tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a bit more energy following a very busy weekend!

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