Friday, 4 May 2012

Ashtanga, self flagellation

Sometimes my self practice feels like I'm performing some kind of self-flagellation, kinda punishing myself.

Like today, I'm just so sore. My ankles, hamstrings, sides of knees, sacrum, lower back and sides are just sore. That's like 6 body parts hurting at once! They hurt and they are reminding me every few seconds that they are hurting, that they are not happy!

It's days (sometimes weeks) that make me wonder why I put my body through this practice. But somehow this self-flagellation is the one reminder, the one thing that brings me back into the present moment, every few seconds, not being able to get away from the soreness or stiffness. Actually, reading this back this sounds like an awful concept, self-flagellation is an awful concept! I wish I never mentioned it now!!

Anyway, no matter how awful it sounds, the soreness is a constant reminder of my posture, my core, of my reaction to being in the present moment. I can't get away from the present moment. I have to react to it in a mindful way.

So in a way it's a good thing. I guess?

I'm so looking forward to my rest day tomorrow :)

(Nb: I was going to post a photo of self-flagellation with this post but browsing through the images on Google I think I've changed my mind...!)

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