Monday, 7 May 2012

Operation or David Swenson?

I've been waiting a while now for an appointment to get a small cyst removed from my leg. The appointment came through and it's on Wednesday. David Swenson weekend is Friday.

I phoned mum... "Mum, I have my operation on Wednesday".
Mum: "Oh that's great!"
Me: "But David Swenson weekend workshop is on on Friday? Do you think it'll be OK?"
Mum: "OK to cancel the workshop and get your money back?"
Me: "Nooooo...I'm not cancelling the workshop! I meant will I be OK to do the workshop with stitches!!!"
Mum: "Lol. Nothing comes between you and your practice!"


  1. : ) perhaps one of those sports bandages to keep the dressing on for when you get all sweaty.

    1. I just cancelled the op, the doctor said there was a chance it could split during ardha baddha padmottanasana and blood could spray all over David Swenson. I don't think he'd be happy :)