Sunday, 8 April 2012

"Turn on the lights of the pose" (Richard Freeman)

So it turns out some of my "lights' have been off for some time!!

I love that when you finally discover them though, they can transform your practice.

Revelation 1: I haven't been properly flexing my hip joint in forward bends, the seated ones especially. I've been just lifting the kneecap of the outstretched leg and therefore only working one part of my thigh. When you engage the psoas (I think it must be the psoas, my anatomy isn't that great) it strengthens the whole thigh, fixing the leg in place and enabling a deeper forward bend.

I've been working on my jump backs. Realised that I have the arm strength, that's fine, but I'm finding it hard to pull legs through...why? Because I can't yet hold my legs into my body...why? Because my hip joint/psoas isn't yet strong enough! Something to work on. I realised this when watching Kino's video tip on jumping back where she gets you to just hold your legs into your body with your arms stretched up in front of you.

Revelation 2: Flexing the ankles in padmasana. I've been entering the posture with pointed toes as one teacher showed me. but if you then flex the ankles/feet this automatically engages the hips (and the knees closer together) deepening the posture. Then remember to with on moola bandha and voila, a comfortable padmasana!!

Have a very happy Easter :)


  1. Hi, I made the connection between the strength in the hip flexors and the jump back a while ago. I thought by just focusing on the muscle I could get it to activate but it is not working!!! Please tell me if you stumble on any solutions for strengthening. It's frustrating because like you said, I have the strength.
    Thanks for sharing, nice to know others face similar problems.

  2. Hi Rani! It's very annoying isn't it?! I'm not sure of any other exercises to strengthen the hip flexors, but if I do find any I'll be sure to pass on the info! In the meantime, try that tip from Kino. It's basically doing the posture (lolasana) but sitting on your bum!