Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One of those days?

Practice today was awful. After 3 great practices along with Richard Freeman I decided to go it alone today. My right hamstring is unbelievably tight for some reason, really doesn't want to play ball.

I video'd myself doing the sun salutes to see how my jump backs are going but only wound myself up by the fact my forward bend was horrendous. I just have such a stiff, rounded upper back. It looks ugly. I look ugly.


My jump backs from standing were better, i'm trying to let my head be the lowest point of the body to the ground before I shoot the legs back, it feels better, like it's getting there. The jump back from seated was awful. Maybe I've worn myself out doing such long practices this week? I couldn't lift the body, I even landed on my belly during one half, arsed attempt.


I gave up the jumpbacks and decided to settle for the whole seated sequence without them. I then lay in savasana for a while until I thought I'd have a go at Hanumanasana, as I'd seen a few photos of people in it this week and wanted to know whether I was anywhere near it.

I've only attempted this posture 3-4 times in my life. I did some deep lunges for a while, played around with the bandhas in them then had a go on both sides. Surprisingly...really surprisingly, I got down with both legs straight just 1 inch off the ground with the left leg forward!! Who knew!?! The other leg wasn't so good, but not terrible, especially seeing as I'm suffering with a pulled hammy. Not sure how exactly I did that. Overuse maybe.. What seemed to help me get it was confidence. A tilt of the pelvis in the right direction, pulling up on moola bandha, stillness and hollowness above the public bone, letting go of fear little by little to let gravity pull me lower, releasing my hips little by little. Felt good.

Anyway, so there it is...crap practice, looking hideous, then just giving a little time to something new made all the difference!