Saturday, 14 April 2012

"My legs are too long for Navasana!"

Yeah, so my friends keep reminding me that I said this not too long ago! Funny though..

But, it's been like 4 years and I still cannot do navasana comfortably. In navasana the body is like a weighing scales, it has to be balanced both sides to be able to stable right? If I raise my arms in the air in navasana I can lift my legs nice and straight into the "perfect navasana posture" (except that my hands are not in the "oar" position!). 

And if I bend my knees slightly I can hold my upper body up-right, knees at eye level and it feels comfortable, so strain. I can even lift my legs and hold abayha padangustasana, engage the relevant muscles and release the toes and then hold navasana, but I've been told because my toes are not at eye level this is not navasana. So I lower the toes to eye level and my legs become the lever which tips the balance of the scales and down they go!

So what do I do? 

Do I do the high toe navasana, which looks like the version Kino does? Or do I risk straining the back to have the toes at eye level? 

One of John Scott's philosophies is "form follows function" - what a posture looks like is not as important as the function it is supposed to have on your body. But I'm being told different by some teachers. So this brings me to the question of does form really follow function in ashtanga? 

Answers on the back of a postcard!

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