Saturday, 3 December 2011

Paths of least resistance...

I truly believe that people find their ways into your life to serve a purpose for something or other, but ultimately to teach you. You might even not know what role they have to play straight away, it may be a while or it might be instantaneous, nevertheless, the reasons became apparent at some point, sometimes long after they've gone.

My yoga practice has given me a heightened awareness of when these people arrive. The ones who came ages ago, who didn't have too far to go (on their own journeys) have stayed, I held onto them... I cherish them. As every day goes by and life happens around me, sometimes my dreams go stale, these people awaken those dreams, bring me back to the present and breathe life back into me. When I was 30 a friend told me to make a five year plan, I was a bit lost and needed some guidance. I made the plan and I'm a few years in now, a couple of years to go. I kinda forgot what the plan consisted of, it involved my job, painting more, doing the BWY course and culminating in travelling to Mysore. I met someone at the weekend who  re-kindled the smouldering ashes of my want to travel again and so I've decided to start planning. I'm intensely excited!

The path of least resistance would see me go to Boulder, Colorado to practice with Richard Freeman, or to Byron Bay to practice, chill and surf (if I knew how!) and hang out in the sunshine. My ego is trying so hard to drag me away from the smell, grime and illness of India, but I know that this has to be the first stop!! Nothing really worth doing is ever easy.

So on the topic of paths of least resistance, my yoga practice is becoming easy and this is never good. "Switch on the lights of the pose" says Freeman, to stop the body from falling into too familiar paths. It's good to practice under the guidance of a teacher when this begins to happen as they start to spot when you're being lazy. It's frickin' hilarious too, catching yourself or being caught, being naughty in class, missing out postures or not engaging bandha, it reminds me of how many muscles I have, how human I am!!

I love my practice at the moment, I love life and all who share it with me.

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