Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bakasana to chaturanga - done!

Again, it's been weeks since I posted... however, I don't feel so bad as I didn't have that much to say about the practice, but have been practicing a lot lately and really seeing some improvement.

I was practicing at home a lot over the past few months, but the motivation began to lack and I took myself off to a couple of new Mysore style classes I found at Stone Monkey Yoga & Cafe in Leamington. Digby the owner of the studio does one on a Monday straight after work, which is my perfect time, just what I need. I enjoy learning new techniques and tips from new teachers, albeit if sometimes they contradict other teachers' teachings! So I'm like doing, Monday with Ervin, Tuesday assisting Ervin, Wed with Digby, Thursday teaching my own new class, Friday with James and Sunday with Ben ( I love all of their teaching!!

One great tip which I hadn't heard before was given to mr by James in Birmingham (Buddhist Centre) on Friday, to assist in the transition from bakasana to chaturanga. I've spent the past 4 years being able to do bakasana no problem, but trying to lift my bottom to shoot back into chaturanga had eluded me! I just fell off like a lump onto the mat! Anyway, James explained it was all in the arms and that you have to just bend the arms and let you legs flop back. And it worked! I seriously couldn't believe it and screamed out in pleasure! James then told me to do it again and filmed me, and I did it again! It wasn't a lfuke! Yay!

Anyway, so this is my new favourite posture now! ;) And, funnily enough it has helped with my jump backs from sitting too! Amazing! I'm finally getting somewhere!

Another good thing about having 4 Mysore classes a week to go to now is that I get assisted drop backs 4 times a week, so really seeing a huge improvement with them.

So, really loving it at the moment, I have no time to anything else (apart from work) but loving every minute!! Ha ha!

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