Monday, 28 March 2011

My sore knees..

Don't know what was going on with the knees today but they were crunching like mad is so many postures, it sounds horrid.

I loved doing the sury's today, really made the most of them but I caught my new mat with my toes/toerings and tok 2 great big chunks out of it which disppointed me and made me a bit upset and out of sorts for the rest of the practice! *Note to self - do not become emotionally attached to your mat.

My balance was worse than a baby giraffe, all over the place. I might as well have been a baby giraffe. I probably was one in my past life.

I definately wasn't a tortoise, although my thighs looked slimmer today my arms still didn't want to wrap around them. My chest was no where near the floor and my strange pain in my right hamstring prevented me from staightening my legs. Eurgh...

Backbends were OK, I had some discomfort in my shoulders but I rocked back and forth a few times in each and it eased it a lot, in fact it was quite nice!

Fantastic inversions tonight though, shoulder stand was poker straight and i managed to do 5 breaths with legs parallel in headstand then take legs back up before bringing back down :)

I did my first talk through of sury a's today in our teaching practice. It was sprung upon me, but it was cool and I talked through with no mistakes and whilst I may have been a little quiet, the students followed with no problems. It felt good! I like a bit of adrenalin...

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