Saturday, 19 January 2013

Kill your television!

It's happened...Virgin have completely removed all channels from my set-top-box....I now have no TV.

This should be a good thing, giving me more time for more intelligent pursuits. But I'm finding myself panicking slightly, trying a little too hard pressing all the buttons on the box, banging it a bit, in a last-ditch attempt to get some channels back...but no, they've taken them all.

Good news is I can now cancel my TV licence, which will give me much pleasure :) and I can work through my DVD collection which consists of:

Apocolypse Now (this will keep me going for at least 3.5 hrs)
My Own Private Idaho
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Power of Art
Moulin Rouge and
Wind in the Willows.

And surely now I have no TV, this will make me a better person ;o)


  1. Do you have online streaming services such as Netflix where you are? That could be an alternative! I didn't have TV for a year and I loved it btw. All the videos and movies I wanted were online, either streaming TV or renting DVDs.

  2. Nice. Welcome to the club. I don't watch TV since 2006. :)

    1. Thanks MJ ad Zee for your support! I had the nicest evening yesterday, filled with silence, a good book and a spattering of conversation with my housemate! I can't wait for tonight!! Peace :)

  3. I love how we have no telly, feel like it will enhance us in the road to samadhi! lol, follow me michi, I have no followers xxx