Thursday, 10 January 2013

Coming up to stand from Urdhva Dhanurasana 'just happened'!

For a few weeks now my teachers have told me that 'they've hardly had to do anything' when assissting me to come up to stand from dropping back. I obviously didn't believe them, you never do, do you? But last night it actually happened and was completely unexpected. Firstly, it happened in a class (Mysore) situation; see previous blog post on dropping back and the ego for my thoughts on this. Secondly I tried it when most people had gone or were in savasana (see previous ego post ;) 

I stumbled the first time, Digby (my teacher) walked back into the room as stumbling was happening and asked 'what was that?!'. And I yelped with glee - 'I've just come up to stand!!!' Gave him a big hug and he then said, 'well I missed it so you'll have to do it again'. Great! So I did, and the second time I did it even better, not a stumble in sight. Hooray! I was amazed. 

Now, I'm not sure whether my back was more open and that made it easier, but it seemed that it was finding a 'sweet spot' engaging around the pubic area which allowed me to come up kinda effortlessly. Suffice to say I'm excited for my next practice. And I'm gonna be trying it at home every time now and also at the shala. No more ego, just more right intention... :)