Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bhujapidasana...are your legs too high on your arms?

Today I got my first chin down, feet through bhujapidasana!

I've always had a struggle with it until Sunday when Ben said 'try lowering your legs to just above your  elbows'. I did this and low and behold, I have more control and can really squeeze the legs onto the arms and pull my feet through my arms whilst getting my chin to the floor. It's not perfect, my feet at still brushing the mat, but the main form of the posture is there now!

Just shows how helpful it is to have a teacher there to suggest new ways of approaching postures when your clearly stuck in a groove, or have a certain samskara...mine being getting my legs as high up the arms as possible. I loe little breakthroughs like this :)


  1. Hi Micqui

    Thanks for that interesting suggestion.
    I've not been able to get my head down in Bhujapidasana yet and this has made my head get closer to the ground. Unfortunately my feet are also brushing and now its even harder to get my legs up into Titibhasana afterwards and pull back into Bakasana! Are you finding this as well?


  2. Hi Olu!
    I know what you mean, but see my post from November 'Tittibhasana to bakasana revelation' -the pressing of the back of the thighs onto the tops of the arms will allow you to get into bakasana! I'm so glad it's helped you though :) Really pleased!!

  3. Thanks Micqui; I will try that tomorrow (yup, practicing on xmas day in my mum's living room!) and see how that goes. I never really had too much of a problem going from tittibhasana to bakasana even with toes up fairly high, but somehow the different approach to bhujapidasana changed things slightly.......should be interesting to see how I progress with some more practice.

  4. Hi Micqui,

    THANKS for this tip. I have been trying to get down into bhujapidasana as fluidly as possible and have never found the correct way (always have to break it into sequence: shuffle my feet back and lift up and rest on my forehead). I tried putting my legs just above my elbows and it feels magnificent!

    1. Tolldoll! Great news!! Good to hear it worked for you!!! :)