Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How and when I practice (Response to Grimmly's Questionnaire)

My Practice


1. What approach to/style(s) of asana do you currently practice? Ashtanga Vinyasa

2. What time do you practice? Between 4:30-8pm

3. Where do you practice? At home 3 days a week, at shalas 3 days a week

4. How long do you practice for? Between 30mins -2hrs, depending on where I practice 

5. How many times do you practice 
a. per day: once

b. per week: 6 days


6. Do you practice pranayama? Yes

7. Which pranayamas do you practice? Ujjayi, nadi shodana, seetali, all with breath retentions and bandha

8. How long do you practice pranayama? 10-20 minutes per day

9. When do you practice pranayama? Evenings before bed

10. How long have you practiced pranayama? Since April 2012 - I have to keep a practice diary for my BWY course


11. Do you include pratyahara in your practice? Not separately, but yes if you include sense withdrawal in Ashtanga practice

12. what approach to pratyahara do you take? Drishti


13. Do you practice meditation? Yes

14. What approach to/style of meditation do you practice? Vipassana

15. Where do you meditate? At home in the early morning 5:30 - 6am

16. How many times do you meditate
a. per day? Once

b. per week? 4 times per week

17. How long do you meditate for? 30 minutes 


18. Do you take time to formally reflect on your asana, pranayama, pratyahra, meditation practice? Yes

19. When do you reflect asana, pranayama, pratyahra, meditation? In the evening and at weekends

20. Where do your reflect on your asana, pranayama, pratyahra, meditation? Generally through my blog.

21. How long do you reflect on your asana, pranayama, pratyahra, meditation? 30mins - 1hr per blog post

Textual study

22. Do you study carefully any 'Yogic' texts? Read bits

23. Which texts do you study? Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Padiprika, Upanishads

24. When do you study? At weekends, generally

Yamas and Niyamas

25. How familiar are you with the yamas and niyamas? Very

26. Do you make a particular effort to practice them? Yes

27. Do you reflect at the end of the day on how well you have practiced them? Sometimes, then I'll beat myself up about not practicing them well enough!


28. How long have you been practicing Yoga? Since sometime in 2006.

29. Have you ever attended a teacher training or teaching intensive course? Yes, apprenticeship with a teacher and currently with the BWY

30. Have you attended a retreat or workshop and if so how many? Yes, 3 retreats and lots of workshops


31. Do you practice chanting? No, apart from the Ashtanga Vinyasa opening chant

32. When do you chant? Before practice

33. How long do you chant?

34. Where do you chant?

35. Which chants do you practice?


36. When did you begin your asana practice? BWY style - 2006, Ashtanga properly 2008/2009.

37. When did you begin pranayama? Apsil 2012

38. When did you begin to practice mediation regularly? May 2012

39. When did you begin to pay particular attention to the yamas and niyamas? 2012

40. When did you begin to formally reflect on your practice? 2010

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