Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bank Holiday practice at Ashtanga Oxford

Drove down to practice with Emanuelle Rossi at Ashtanga Yoga Oxford this morning. There were about 17 people in the room and a good energy. I've practiced with Manu before at Stone Monkey, but I had to take it easy then as I'd done my knees in. This time I had to take it easy because of my (still) twingey back. So no back bending and no Second!!

Manu is very traditional which I love and his assists are gentle but firm. He spots everything you do and don't do and will make you go back and do it again if it's not the correct method! I had THE best UHP assist (I think he was pulling the leg up but at the same time making me relax the hip down) and my first ever assist in ardha baddha, relaxing my hip without any force so my knees touched the floor. Got a nice adjust in Mari D and supta K with both legs behind head!! Scary but cool.

I hope my back sorts itself out again soon, so I can make another trip down and get the most out of the practice.


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