Thursday, 1 March 2012

Laghu Vajrasana...this is war!

Amazing what yoga props you can find at your local B&Q isn't it?! This contraption cost me 11 quid, not bad eh?! 

I've been meaning to get a yoga rope for ages, just haven't got round to it. But Sunday's brush with second series backbends and in particular my complete inability to even lean back in laghu vajrasana, pushed me to get it sorted, and quick! It has turned out to be extremely handy, now I can practice some of second at home. As well as laghu, I also tried kapotasana, an asana which I've always thought looked beautiful and have wanted to master for ages. However, turns out my upper back is as stiff as a board :( I can see now why Kino says that you may be ready for second if you can drop back... I bend a lot in the lumbar and a lot less in the thoracic spine and these second series backbends make this stand out A LOT. 

The other huge issue I have with kapo is the reaching back with the arms. I am absolutely petrified of putting my arms back, even just in prayer position up to my forehead! It's unbelievable! I thought I would have been OK, what with being able to drop back quite happily now. But no! It's crazy, I'm nearer the floor so there is less distance to fall back, yet as soon as bring my hands in line with my face my entire back stiffens up and I cannot go anywhere! 

I know people say that these deep backbends release a lot of underlying feelings, so what does not being able to put my arms up and back mean??! That I cannot open my heart? Or is it just that my bone structure will not allow me to get the movement in the shoulders necessary for the arm position? I suppose the next few weeks of practicing second series will soon answer these questions...

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