Thursday, 1 March 2012

An amazing experience in baddha konasana...

So I've been experimenting a lot with the konasanas, baddha, upavista, from the primary series and the effects of mula bandha and pelvic floor work on the hips in these postures. I've worked out that if I engage ashwini mudra (or squeeze the anus as Tim Feldman puts it!) and pull up on the perineum muscle, then something happens low in my sacrum which allows my hips to open in baddha konasana and for me to bend further forward in upavista.

However, today I was having problems in getting both engaged at the same time and my hips felt stiff. So I was wriggling about in baddha, and trying to open my feet and engage the necessary bits at the same time, then everything clicked into place I had this powerful feeling from my tailbone right up through the spine to the middle of my shoulder blades. A feeling like everything along the spine was completely in alignment and working together. I must have spent about 15 breaths in BK, just completely absorbed by this amazing feeling. I can only describe it as perfect alignment or a feeling of clarity and stillness.

I don't normally describe any of my yoga experiences in esoteric terms, but as I don't know what exactly happened this morning, I can only describe it as maybe unblocking some granthis?! It felt as if there was definitely space for energy to travel upwards to in between my shoulder blades. So maybe that was it...granthis, being unblocked. Maybe I even experienced a little bit of kundalini rising?! But it definately stopped right in between my shoulders, at the back of my heart. Maybe that's why I can't get to grips with the deeper backbends, because I have a huge blockage at my heart centre! Aaargh! Who knew?!!

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