Friday, 31 December 2010

Last practice of 2010....

Well, here it is, the last day of another year.... where has that gone?!

I wanted 2010 to go out with a bang, so I got up and hit the mat at 9am. I'd watched Richard Freeman's primary series dvd last night, as one would watch a film, from start to finish and so I let Richard talk me through my full series this morning (in my head I may add), remembereing that lovely voice of his! And I had a lovely, calming practice, I even broke a sweat which I don't usually at home, show's I was really going for it!

Anyway, I didn't really want to go in depth into today's practice but just the share my 'ups' of 2010's Astanga Yoga Practice, I list them below and will sart from December as it is quiet pertinent...

  • December - Recovered from a broken elbow after 2 months of no practice.
      • Read 'The Power of Now' (Eckhart Tolle) and realised I could be happy and that yoga was the way!!! Yay!
  • March - Joined V's Ashtanga Yoga Primer teacher training course
  • June - Visited Insabina Yoga Retreat meeting amazing teachers and found Mysore Style yoga
      • Damaged both knees at said retreat! (Not exactly an 'up')
  • September - Re-established my practice with more awareness but with very tight hamstrings!!!
      • Found out about the amazing Grimmly and starting blogging!
  • Oct-Nov - practice almost back to normal!!
      • Accepted on Paul Fox's Yoga Teacher Training Course 2011
  • December - met JC another great teacher! Started Mysore class at Buddhist Centre
      • practicing 4 times a week and knees feeling better! Yay!
This year has been the best one for me since, well I can't pinpoint it, but probably about 6 years. The whole of 2010 I have been happy and have not needed anything or anyone for me to achieve that happiness. And I can only, truthfully and sincerely put that happiness down to my yoga practice and living with more awareness.

So I'd just to like to thank Eckhart Tolle, EM, my friends and family, and God for their help in 2010!


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    Hope this year is as good for you if not better than the last.