Thursday, 12 September 2013

Being in the World

To “dis-cover” enlightenment means enlightenment already exists, however it is "covered" by opinions, emotional patterns and habits. Through sitting, meditation practice or mindfulness practice, you can begin to notice how you cover this incredible potential within yourself and with your interaction with others. Through these practices you begin to have these “enlightenment” moments when the lid is suddenly lifted and you are able to see this incredible innate wisdom. A couple of these enlightenment moments or insights into your true nature can help to build a strong confidence that it is there all the time. It gives you confidence that you can deal with your humanness and the humanness of others and reminds you that everybody has this basic intelligence, which has the potential to shine forth.

I've missed my sitting practice badly over the past month, I've missed the minute glimpses of enlightenment it provides and need to get back on it. Being in Mysore has helped though...not through the yoga even, but through the continuous human contact, new people, new conversations, new experiences. Since meeting my surf family in Baleal, the kindness and the compassionate potential of human beings have blown me away!! Every day I experience something else that helps to re-build my faith in human nature and (slowly) break down my cynicism! Finally I am enjoying being-in-the-world!!!


  1. Yeah, I also love this continuous human contact here in Mysore, no need to reject the world but rather enjoy the world through the amazing people that we meet in this path. Solitude is great but we need to find a balance and I'm finding my here in Mysore :-)

    1. I'm glad you are finding balance too Marco :-)