Thursday, 15 August 2013

First lesson on yoga world tour: other people suck, accept, move on, surf...

...The wise words of one of my besties. And she's right, effing right, as I sit here in a cafe near my new temporary home which I'm sharing with people of 4 different nationalities, who are all here for the same thing, surfing... my daily practice is the least of my worries, in fact it has been blown out of the water, like, literally! Last week I was shitting it about getting my head wet in the river... so I decided, something needs to change, it's a fear I need to overcome and what better way than going to surf camp :-) Things have been a bit shitty the past few weeks, and I haven't the mental capacity to write about those experiences just yet, I'm even finding it hard to write this. So I'll keep it brief. Succinct. And To The Point.

Contrary to what you may have been told or think, not everyone who practices yoga is a nice person. Everyone has there own issues. People do what makes themselves happy...realise it and let their actions and words flow over you.

Having a practice routine, say the same time everyday or even just any time everyday, is a hindrance when you're travelling. The real yoga is about flexibility, not of the body but of the mind. However, I think discipline is needed firstly, to get you into a position whereby when the whole thing gets all fucked up, all you have is chaos and you then realise what is really needed to get you back on your feet and in that right state of mind.

Everyone's diet needs to be different, depending on individual constitution, activities performed day to day and energy consumed. Coca Cola, chips, steak and egg are OK when you're surfing everyday! Halleluja!

Surfing requires more flexibility, strength and stamina than I have ever encountered with yoga so far. But unlike yoga these three elements are required of the mind even before you get into the water. ESPECIALLY if you do not like water!

The bruises from surfing are 10 times as bad as those acquired whilst practising yoga!

Learning languages is really important when travelling, being British sucks, it's too easy, I think I'd rather be Spanish. I'm gonna learn Spanish and Hindi.

Yoga is not the be all and end all. Being friendly, open, compassionate, kind and loving towards people is the real yoga. It's what people yearn for, especially on the road and you can give it for free. It's amazing!!

Namaste from Alex Surf Camp Portugal, where life is good :)

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  1. Good luck with the surfing, that's brave for a Brit not keen on water, coming from another who can't actually swim.

    Yoga on the road is a challenge, but also very grounding in unfamiliar places.