Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Terrified, but feeling alive!

So it's kind of just dawned on me what I've done, I've packed in my good (safe-ish) job in Town Planning, I'm letting my beautiful little house out and I'm leaving the safety of my home and family to study yoga in Portugal, India, Bali and Thailand for 1 year......And I go in 9 weeks.

The visas for these places have proved to be a bit of a nightmare, but I'm trying to remain positive that I can get what I need when I need it and the info on the net from other travellers regarding these issues is simply awesome, much gratitude to those who share.

So my ashtanga extravaganza didn't make it to the west as planned, due to cost, but I'm kinda glad because I get to really LIVE in India as I will now be spending much more time there than first anticipated. I'm mainly glad because I am tres excited at the prospect of spending so much time in Mysore. Not just at the KPJARI, but I hope to study with other teachers, Venkatesh and BNS Iyenga...I'm excited. I also plan to study Ayurveda in Kerala, Indian painting, mendhi and visit Rishikesh too, which wasn't previously on my list.

But I'm petrified, actually. I've put myself in this position by choice! I now have no choice but to go and do it. Completely out of my comfort far out you wouldn't believe. But I only have one life and it has to be lived, stagnating is just not an option!!!

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  1. Very excited for you! What a great trip. Looking forward to all those blogposts - book in the making?