Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ashtanga Tour 2013 and Mysore nightmares!

Getting quite excited about my upcoming ashtanga world tour. Got my letter from HR last week formally stating final leaving date of 30th June 2013 and have worked out that my final day at work would be 18th June-ish. Planning on setting off 29th June to Portugal. Yesterday I visited STA travel to get an idea if my itinerary is possible on a RTW ticket. Proving quite tricky, but I think the girl will sort it, I will know Monday! Places where I had taken out of the trip have also been put back in, so it's more varied now than I've thought of over the past few months. Anyway here's how it's looking to date:

2 months Yoga Farm Portugal (Olieros)
2 months Mysore
2 months Bali Ashtanga (Prem and Radha) Fitting in the 2013 conference
2 months Kerala (Lino and David Garrigues)
Aus - Byron Bay (Dina Kingsberg)
Hawaii (Maui)
US - Santa Monica (Chuck Miller) Boulder (Richard Freeman)
Canada - Toronto (David Robson and Michael Stone)
US - NY (Eddie Stern)
Home (Possibly June depending on cash flow ;)

I actually cannot believe I'm doing this, a whole year away studying with lots of amazing teachers. But I'm worried about India and getting sick and generally finding it difficult. It's worrying me a lot, nearly to the point where Mysore was taken out of the itinerary! Then I spoke with one of my teachers Manu, who said Mysore was a 'no brainer' and I had to go. He's now taken to using this trip against me in the Mysore room when I'm being lazy,

'Michelle! Not long 'til your trip, 5 months? Do it again!!' Funny!


    and you.

    You are going to experience rapid, existential, spiritual and mind blowing growth. So excited for your journey!

    Everyone should do this. The world would be a better place and entirely at peace. There would be no alternative.


  2. Hope your going to be blogging through all of this...where AREN'T you going...actually that's a good question . I imagine you were torn between a couple of options, how did you come to your decision on which to leave it OR, looking at it again did you just decide to go everywhere/visit everyone.

    1. Hi Grim! I had taken out Austrailia and Hawaii as I thought they'd be too expensive...but then on talking to the travel agent, was told Aus would normally have to be put in to be able to fly to i thought ought to stop off at Maui on the way too! I wanted to go to Goa to study with Rolf too, but the time just began to run out! Plus it makes it more expensive going back and forth to India... Maybe I should make it 2 years....;) And yes, I will be blogging all the way though!!

  3. Glad you put Oz and Maui back in makes it more of a 'world tour'( our honeymoon was in Hawaii, living in japan at the time so close. Mostly i just remember the incredible colours of the flowers) But yes, shame about Rolf, had really wanted to study with him a while back.
    But what about books, what are you going to take? My suggestion, if I could take just the one for a whole year, would be Hariharananda Aranya's Yoga philosophy of Patanjali, would keep me going back to it for a ten year trip let alone one.

    1. Yes, I'm glad too...Just waiting for Quantas to sort out their RTW routes before I can book. Books?! I wasn't going to take any! I've never heard of the YSP you mention but I might have to stick it in the Amazon shopping basket! ;)

  4. dont worry about mysore. You have got bali to get your stomach sorted out afterwards! Yummy food! See you there

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