Sunday, 26 August 2012

Where would be on your list for the perfect ashtanga yoga world tour...?

So I'm going off to find my guru....

Actually, it's more of an excuse for a year or so out to practice with lots of different teachers, do a few TT's, a few courses and of course have fun. And now I'm almost half way to saving for my round the world ashtanga tour!! Happy days.

I just have to work out where I'm going.... On the list so far...

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim
David Garrigues 1 month intensive in Kovalam
Sharath, Mysore
David Williams / Nancy Gilgoff and Norman Allen, Maui
Tim Millar, Encinitas
Chuck Millar, LA
Richard Freeman, Boulder Colorado
Eddie Stern, NY
Mark Darby, Montreal
Peter and Sue, Olerios, Portugal

I'm still working out timings, especially hard planning so early when the teacher's schedules for 2013/2014 aren't really out yet...planning on leaving August 2013 when I've finished my BWY diploma with Paul Fox.

So...if you were going on an ashtanga world tour where would you go to practice? Which teachers would you try and practice with and where? I'm planning 3 months in Mysore, but with my weak stomach I may not be able to cope with such a long time in India... So I'd love to hear of any more great teachers / places to practice for a while and I may add them to my list!! Any ideas would be really helpful!! Also, at the moment it's not so much of a 'world tour' rather India and the US and Canada, so if anyone knows of anywhere else to practice on other continents that would be great!!


  1. i've been dreaming of practising with these guys in bali

  2. They sound amazing!! Thanks Anon for the great tip, I think that might just have to be added to the list! :)

  3. BNS Iyenger too of course in Mysore is an option, might be able to practice pranayama with him though would need to check. I'm personally leaning towards Richard in Boulder just because I'm interested in where he's taking asana practice internally and of course David and Nancy in maui because they've been doing the practice for so long and I'm fascinated in how your practice develops and changes over, what, thirty, forty years and of course where the practice as we understand it comes from. Guess who you go to depends on where the focus of your practice just happens to be at this point in time and who can develop that further.....chances are, if you stick with the practice, your'll get around to all of them sooner or later.

  4. And don't forget Dena Kingsberg in Australia, and Hamish Hendry in London!

  5. I would start same as you:) Mysore, then Kovalam with DG:) I would then jet over to Bali to study with Radha(Heather) and Prem, I have studied with David Williams, he is brilliant, very up front and honest. I would try to make it to Toronto and see David Robson, try to match up some time with Manju Jois(I had a TT with him, truly inspiring) and lastly, If I were you(and I am doing this) I would study with Tim Feldmann & Kino MacGregor in Miami for a 1 or 2 week course:) Sounds like you have a great plan, go for it!!:)

  6. I highly recommend DG's intensive in Kovalam! I went last year and it really catapulted my practice and my understanding of Ashtanga to a new level. We will be returning for 3 weeks again this year and I can't wait! I've practiced a few times with Eddie S at Broome Street Temple this year and it was wonderful. He's such a grounded, direct and interesting teacher. He possesses such a wry sense of humor. I really enjoy practicing with him.
    On my dream world tour, I would go to Byron Bay for one of Dena Kinsberg's "cocoons"....she sounds amazing.
    We will be attending the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence in San Diego in might want to look into that too...

  7. Thanks to you all for your inspiration, I was toying with Dina in Byron and think will definately add this to the list, as well as Prem and Radha, they sound great too. Grimmly, I think a bit of pranayama would be perfect too, so will add this. I'm very excited!!

  8. Lucky you! sounds extraordinary. I had a fantastic experience in Thailand with Paul Dallaghan, but I believe he is teaching there not as often, his 5 week teacher training was superb because of the full inclusion of pranayama :-) This is very exciting!

  9. Don't forget Rolf and Marci Naujokat in Goa!!